Shooting Image Ltd is a Cambridge area corporate video production company. Business video is now expected. Professionally produced web video enables your message to come across powerfully and consistently - a great way to engage, persuade, explain and differentiate your products or services cost effectively. Internet video also helps improve your website SEO and company image.

In the last 7 years Shooting Image Ltd has produced well over 300 business films for Cambridge, UK and international companies. See our Showreel and
WHAT WE DO. Then CONTACT US in Ely if you need video showcasing the quality of your business in a highly engaging way. Want to know exactly how we work with you to make a film? Just watch the video below:

NEWS UPDATE - 20th May 2015

We’re currently producing 6 films (shot in various locations throughout England and Scotland) for several big corporates and this week we’ve taken on a 3 further ‘rush jobs’ for another corporate. On top of that we are making 4 films for a number of SMEs (all new clients and all very different) around Cambridge. Also, we’ve been filming a power station and a ballet at The Maltings recently too. How’s that for variety!

Got a potential video project in mind? Just give us a call to discuss how we can make it happen.

Shooting Image Ltd are proud to sponsor the emergency medical charity Magpas Helimedix. We make promotional films for them (gratis) as and when our schedule allows. See on their website, or on this page, near the top -

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