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A new very keenly priced video editing offer for Spring/Summer 2020. Now, more than ever before, video is necessary to allow you to reach potential clients effectively. This video editing service will enable you to produce good looking content.

  • Offer is my professional help (1 to 1) to enable you to produce a good looking short video (e.g. 60 seconds).  Note: Long videos (say over 75-90 seconds) are not good for social media anyway.
  • This will be filmed by you on your smartphone in your own home/office so as to minimise any COVID-19 risk but maximise your ability to create and use a professional looking video for business promotion very cost effectively.
  • Includes an initial consultation/coaching session (e.g. via Zoom or FaceTime) to help you set up your phone's video settings, choose best location(s) to film it in, lighting etc., all so you look good and come across well.  We would also discuss (in outline) the content you want to get across and the best ways to do that.  Then, filming techniques to enable easier/better editing (for me) - as well as making you look better.  These include some easy to implement things that will make it much less stressful for you to film your take(s).  In addition, the option of captions on-screen and how they are best done.
  • Afterwards, at your leisure, you can then film a number of takes and send me the best ones.  I recommend doing this via We Transfer (a good, free FTP site).  Also, send me your logo file and the 'call to action'/contact details text you want for end screen.  If you have corporate branding guidelines (fonts, colour palette etc.) details of that too please.
  • I'll then edit as necessary to make it all look and sound the very best it can, brand it with your logo, say in one corner (and/or website watermark, phone number etc. as desired).  Then, I'll send you the finished MP4 video for approval (or I can upload it to a private web link for you to view first).
  • If you want a few further changes, no problem, we'll just go round the loop again until you're happy. 
  • Once you've got your new video, you can upload it to LinkedIn and other social media channels to help grow engagement with followers and your professional presence on-line.
  • Cost is very minimal per short video - around £200 + VAT - contact me to find out more HERE.  If captions are desired, a small on-cost will also be applied to this price - as they take quite a lot of time to edit in so that they look and sync well.  This very keen pricing will be based on a video of target length around 60 seconds or so.
  • If you've a lot to say, consider creating a series of short videos, each one covering a different point, but all consistent in style (or each one deliberately different in style/environment - your choice).  These videos could then be 'drip fed' onto your social media channels by uploading a new one every week, for example.  Note: I would give you a special/reduced total price for editing, depending on the number of videos created in any one batch.  
  • One video or a series - not sure?  Start with one video and let's see how you get on.  We can always do more at a later date.
  • Payment on delivery of the final cut MP4 video(s) to you.

Interested? Then contact me!