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  • What happens immediately after filming? On return to the studio, I will download all the raw video footage onto one of my Mac Pro or MacBook Pro editing suites (which use high speed RAID arrays) and create several back-ups too. Editing is where the magic can happen - but capturing good content beforehand is a necessary input too! Slick editing takes a bit of time but I'm highly experienced and have been creating videos for businesses for well over a decade. For those that are interested, I mainly use the very latest versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Premier Pro, Audition, Photoshop, After Effects etc.) but some projects are cut with Final Cut Pro X too. More detailed technical information can be found in my Blog section HERE.

  • Will you keep us informed on editing progress? I'm renown for a no-nonsense, open manner and it has earned me a lot of respect over the years. A black and white "everyone knows what's happening" approach saves a lot of time and hassle. I know its important to keep you updated on where I'm at, especially during this post-production phase.

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  • When can we view the video(s)? Typically, within 5-10 days you will be able to view a private web page with a 'Rough Cut' of your short film(s); 10-20 days for a more ‘complex to edit’ promotional film. Anything you are not happy about with the Rough Cuts, I’ll edit it out/modify it by using alternate/additional material we filmed. Once we’ve got it so you are happy to approve it then we'll produce the 'Final Cut' of the film in various video formats you'll need: e.g. 1080p high quality MP4 optimised for YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. uploading (looks great on laptops too) plus any specific formats for showing in conference rooms and direct storage on mobile devices (M4V for Apple and MP4 for Android).

  • Need help with understanding YouTube/how to embed the film on your website? No problem, we can help you, plus understand how best to use short videos on social media too. If you need marketing guidance we have trusted contacts who can advise you who are specialists.

  • When will we be invoiced? I'm that confident you'll be happy with the film that you usually pay at the end. If it is a long, complex project then there will be staged part-payments as well. Films are usually sent to you via a secure file transfer host we subscribe to called 'We Transfer Pro'. You simply get an email with a link and then you have a month to download them from that link (we pay for the Pro account to allow that extended period as well as large file transfers, if needed). We can also easily provide your Final Cut video (in any formats you need) on professionally made direct printed discs.

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  • When can I use the film(s)? Shooting Image Ltd retains all legal copyright of any films until payment has been received. Then (and only then) you are free to use them however you so wish, e.g. uploading to YouTube, Vimeo and/or Facebook, embedding on your website, on laptops out in the field etc. You'll then get to see the benefits of using an effective, professionally made video to promote your business.

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  • One other thing. We usually ask in our contract to retain the right to show your film to future clients as a demonstration of the quality of our work, for example on this website, but of course that won't apply if we've produced it for you under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), something which we are happy to do/is often a requirement with many of the big multinationals we do a lot of regular video production work for.