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Now, more than ever, using video to communicate with your prospective clients is the new normal.

We also offer a video editing service where we can consult remotely and coach you to make a short professional video. It is then our job to take your video footage and turn it into a professionally produced business video to profile you and your business so you can stand out from the crowd.

We will schedule a remote one to one video consultation via
Zoom, (or your preferred video conference platform) to show you how to produce a good looking short video (e.g. 60 seconds) by discussing and showing you tips and tricks to filming on your smartphone or tablet in your own home, office, or outdoor space.

Our initial consultation/coaching session will cover easy to implement actions that will make it much less stressful make it easy for you to film your take(s).

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We will cover:

  • Helping you set up your phone or device’s video settings
  • Choosing the best location(s) to film it in
  • Thinking about lighting and the background
  • Discussing an outline for your content or storyboard
  • Filming techniques, making you look your best as well as enabling easier/better editing
  • On-screen captions, the options to have them and how they are best done.

Following our video call, at your leisure, you can then film a number of takes and send across the best ones for us to review. When sending the files we suggest using a file transfer service as the video files will most likely be quite large in size. We recommend We Transfer (a good, free FTP site) or if you wish Dropbox. Along with the takes you will need to send your logo files and any brand guidelines (fonts, colour palette etc.), as well as details for a 'call to action' screen (contact details for the end screen; web address, email, social media handles etc).

Once we have all your files, we will revisit the content outline or storyboard from our initial consultation and review your takes to work out the best combination of the clips to make a professional looking video. We will include your company logo and any graphics (supplied) to the video and create an end screen with your call to action details. We will share our first edit with you via a private YouTube link so that you can view the video and send back any comments or amends that you would like to make.

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When you are happy to approve the film, we will supply the final video as an MP4 file for you to use across your website, and social media platforms, etc. to help grow engagement with followers and your professional presence on-line.

Cost is very minimal per short video (approx. 60 secs) starting from a few hundred pounds (+ VAT). Contact us to find out more
HERE. If captions are required, there will be an additional cost to cover the time to take to edit them into the final video.

If you've a lot to say, consider creating a series of short videos, each one covering a different point, but all consistent in style (or each one deliberately different in style/environment - your choice). These videos can be 'drip fed' onto your social media channels by uploading a new one every week, or month, for example. A special reduced price will be given for multiple videos if created in one batch.

One video or a series - not sure? Start with one video and let's see how you get on. We can always do more at a later date.

Payment is expected on delivery of the final cut MP4 video(s).

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