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The services Shooting Image Ltd offers can be broadly subdivided as follows:

Pre-Production - Planning, site visit to meet you and discuss your needs and then give you a quotation. Read more on the PREPRODUCTION page.

Production - The filming itself! More details on the PRODUCTION page.

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Post-Production - This is the editing stage where we utilise our skill to select the very best material from the shoot and create the short video for you to review. More information on the POSTPRODUCTION page.

Editing - We also offer a video editing service. This can be of material you already have or I can coach you remotely over Zoom or FaceTime on how to shoot good content on your phone etc. You then send me the result and I'll I edit it for you to produce slick results that people will actually want to watch. Interested? See the EDITING page for more details.

Aerial Shots, Animation Graphics, Time-lapse etc. - If you want these aspects incorporating into you video, no problem. I offer these, via a few, trusted specialist suppliers - see HERE. Also, need help with Marketing or Social Media? I have reliable, trusted suppliers of those services too!

Need some photographs (that you already have) incorporating into the video, that's no problem either. Need more professional photographs? Again, I have a small but highly capable network of expert, professional photographers who we often work with.