Other Services - Animation, Drones, Time-lapse

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  • Animation Graphics? I can do simple animations (e.g. some logo manipulations) along with all the usual professional video editing operations needed to produce slick content. However, if you've something more complex and specific in mind I have a network of trusted, reliable people who work entirely in animation graphics. Complex graphics can take a lot of studio time to create - so it's better and more cost effective for you to do it this way.

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  • Can you incorporate Aerial shots in the video? A few overview and aerial shots can add impact to your story - although they need to be used sparingly or you'll soon have the audience switch off. If you'd like this, I work with several trusted drone filming companies in East Anglia who have the required certification and skills, each with a different level of offering depending on your quality and budget needs. We will establish if drone shots are a must have or desired option during the planning stage and the quote will clearly itemise the (usually modest) additional cost of creating these shots for use during the editing stage.

  • Gliding/Walk-Through 3-Axis Gimbal Shots? We have professional equipment to capture these kinds of shots if they are required too.
  • Time-lapse and Slow Motion? I have several cameras that have these capabilities - again we can discuss if these features are needed during the planning meeting. If you need long term time-lapse captures (e.g. a construction site with a build over many days or months) I have trusted contacts that specialise in this kind of capture too.

  • Photography. Any reasonable pictures you already have can be incorporated. These days I focus entirely on video production, but I know a number of reliable, expert professional photographers that I can recommend if you need good photography for video and other needs.